CPS:SYNERGY: Multi-Robot Cyberphysical System For Assisting Young Developmentally-Delayed Children in Learning to Walk

CPS:SYNERGY: Multi-Robot Cyberphysical System For Assisting Young

This project is a modular, computationally-distributed multi-robot cyberphysical system (CPS) for assisting young developmentally-delayed children in learning to walk. The multi-robot CPS is designed to function in the same way as an adult assisting a child in learning to walk. It is a novel architecture that consists of 1) a multi-cable scaffold robot that continuously modulates the stabilization of medio-lateral and anterior-posterior sway, and 2) a soft, wearable, exosuit robot with embedded sensing and actuation, that assists with stance push off and swing flexion. The objective is to build a prototype multi-robot CPS and perform tests with human subjects to evaluate the CPS functionality, safety, and interoperability. Longitudinal tests of typically developing and developmentally delayed children learning to walk with or without assistance of the multi-robot CPS are conducted in a motion capture laboratory. Body center of mass behavior as well as gait parameters of walking are measured as the two robots work together to assist the child in maintaining balance and, at the same time, propelling the body forward with each step.