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Maitreyi Mazumdar, MD, MPH


Assistant Professor in Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital




Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115




Dr. Mazumdar's research focus uses epidemiological methods to investigate environmental influences on the development of childhood neurological diseases, primarily in the developing world. Her initial research projects examined long-term consequences of childhood lead exposure, including cognitive impairment and alterations in gene expression that may contribute to adverse neurological outcomes in adulthood. Her recruitment and studies of a sample of adults who as children in the 1970s participated in seminal studies on leadexposure showed that they demonstrated persistent negative cognitive effects. With blood samples from these subjects and important collaborations with basic science laboratories studying mechanisms that lead to Alzheimer disease pathology, she investigated a novel hypothesis that early-life lead exposure alters the expression of genes involved in amyloidogenesis and therefore contributes to its development.

In contrast to previous reliance on broad-based neurocognitive tests, her current research program centers on the development of low-cost methods and materials, appropriate for use in the developing world, that can localize the effects of environmental toxins within the nervous systems of children, specifically within the neuroaxis, and generate hypotheses regarding their modes of action. Currently, this K23-supported research takes place among infants and children in Bangladesh, a country grappling with the largest arsenic epidemics in world history. Dr. Mazumdar's work in this field has been incorporated into larger studies of environmental health; she recently was invited to join the neurodevelopmental core of a multi-national study of metal mixtures and neurodevelopment based at HSPH and funded by the NIH’s Superfund Research Program.

Does arsenic increase risk of neural tube defects in a highly exposed population? - R01 ES026317