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April Levin, MD


Assistant Professor of Child Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital




Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115




My background includes medical training as a child neurologist with a subspecialty in behavioral neurology and specifically autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and research that aims to use mathematical modeling and EEG signal processing to enhance understanding of neural networks and brain development.  My research trajectory has allowed me to view neurodevelopmental disorders from a variety of perspectives, ranging from basic science (e.g., examining sodium channels in a rat model of epilepsy) to network-level analyses  (e.g., using EEG to look for predictive biomarkers of ASD during infancy) to clinical studies (e.g., examining the impact of early psychosocial deprivation on social communication). Through recent work investigating EEG-based measures of neural connectivity as an early predictive biomarker for ASD in high-risk infant siblings, and among individuals with neurogenetic disorders, I have developed the Boston EEG Automated Processing Platform (“BEAPP”), and supervised development of the Harvard Automated Preprocessing Pipeline for EEG (“HAPPE”), a preprocessing pipeline embedded within BEAPP that is optimized for artifact removal in EEG of young children and those with neurodevelopmental disorders.  These tools can be used to evaluate for EEG-based biomarkers of a variety of intellectual and developmental disorders.  My long-term goal is to work as a clinician scientist to apply methods of quantitative neurophysiology to translate basic neurobiological findings into clinically-relevant measures, thus informing our ability to provide precise, individualized, mechanistically-based diagnoses and treatments to children with intellectual and developmental disorders.

Electrophysiological Markers of Neural Network Timing in Autism - Child Neurology Foundation Shields Award