Inventory of Equipment by Category


Across 3 procedure rooms there is provision for both stereotaxic and non-stereotaxic surgery.  Inhalation anesthesia and anesthesia by parenteral means are catered for.

  • Surgical microscopes
  • Perfusion table


The philosophy has been to try to automate data collection where possible to reduce experimenter bias and standardize measurements.  We have Ethovision XT (Noldus) videotracking systems for monitoring behavior and also AnyMaze videotracking.  The following is a list of test systems grouped by functional domain.

General Phenotyping

For establishing any gross phenotypic observations in new strains we use the SHIRPA test.

Physiological Monitoring

EEG (telemetry system (DSI) and tethered (Pinnacle), Plethysmography (EMKA), ECG (Mouse Specifics), Ultrasonic Vocalization (Sonotrack, Metris)

Motor Function and Acoustic Startle Reflex

Rotarodbeam walkActiTrack locomotor activity (Harvard Apparatus), Digigait (Mouse Specifics), TreadmillGrip Strength MeterStartle reflex & Pre-pulse inhibition (Kinder Scientific)


Optomotor for measuring visual acuity (Cerebral Mechanics), Visual Water MazeVisual Cliff

Learning and Memory

Contextual Fear Conditioning (Stoelting), Morris Water MazeWater T MazeY MazeNovel Object Recognition

Emotional Behavior

3-Chamber Sociability TestOpen fieldElevated Plus MazeLight/Dark BoxHoleboardsForced SwimTail SuspensionConditioned Place Preference

Modified Environments and Home Cage Activity

Dark RearingStandardized Enrichment (Viewpoint Life Sciences), Inframot (TSE)Activity wheels (TSE)