Instrumentation, Equipment, & Technology

Microinjection Equipment

Pronuclear and blastocyst injection setup consisting of (Microinjection Set Up #1):
• one Nikon Diaphot inverted microscope with 20X phase, 4X plan, and 10,20, and 40X DIC objectives
• one video camera with monitor hooked to the Nikon for teaching
• two coarse mechanical Narishige micromanipulators (MN-188)
• two fine hydraulic Narishige micromanipulators (MO-188)
• one Narishige pressure injector, Model IM-200
• one vibration isolation table

Pronuclear and blastocyst injection setup consisting of (Microinjection set up #2):

* Hamilton Thorne Biosciences XYclone laser objective
• one Nikon TE2000-S inverted microscope with 20X phase, 4X plan, and 20X DIC objectives
• two Eppendorf electronic micromanipulators
• one Eppendorf femptojet micro pressure injector
• one Eppendorf Piezo drill
• one vibration isolation table

Additional microinjection and surgical equipment includes:

*Humidified CO2 incubator RMI3000S-7-AB4
• two Nikon SMZ-U dissecting microscopes
• one Nikon double headed teaching dissecting microscope
• one Flaming/Brown P87 horizontal pipet puller
• one Kopf 720 vertical pipet puller
• one Defonbrune-type microforge with stereo zoom optics
• one Narishige EG-4 needle grinder
• one C02 incubator RMI3000S-7-AB4
• one slide warmer for waking anesthetized animals
• one BTX ECM 2001 electro cell manipulator system

ES Cell Culture Equipment


·          Cellstar single chamber, humidified CO2 incubator

·          Revco Ultima single chamber, humidified CO2 incubator

·          Baker SterilGARD III Advance 4 foot biological safety cabinet

·          Baker SterilGARD II 6 foot biological safety cabinet

·          Nikon TMS inverted tissue culture microscope with 4X, 10X phase, 20X phase objectives

·          Biorad Gene Pulser II with Capacitance Extender Plus

·          Sanyo VIP series -860C freezer

·          Eppendorf 5702R refrigerated table top centrifuge and A-4-38 rotor

·          MVE 511 automatic filling liquid nitrogen storage system

·          Vortexer

·          Isotemp 210 waterbath

·          Mettler Toledo MP230 pH meter with Inlab 413 electrode

·          Mettler Toledo PB3002-S balance

·          Undercounter 40C refriderator

·          Undercounter -200C freezer


Molecular Biology Equipment

One MJ Research PTC 100 programmable thermocycler
One Eppendorf microcentrifuge
One water bath
One heat block
One shaker
One vortexer
Two 20×25 cm horizontal electrophoresis systems
Two 13×16 cm horizontal electrophoresis system
Two 7×10 cm horizontal electrophoresis system
Two electrophoresis power supplies

Computer Equipment

One iMac
Two i5s
One hp LaserJet 1300n

Cellular Imaging Core Equipment used by Gene Manipulation Core

Zeiss Axioskop microscope with 10X, 20X, 40X plan, and 100X oil