About Us

The Mouse Gene Manipulation core team consists of a managing scientist, an ES cell scientist and a microinjection scientist. They have generated over 200 novel genetically modified mouse lines.

The manager duties include reviewing each project at the outset to determine the best strategy for achieving the investigator’s goals, scheduling projects, overseeing the progress of each project, troubleshooting, communicating issues with core staff and core users, and “pinch hitting” core procedures as needed. Additionally, the manager generates core funding by applying for grants, oversees core spending, and performs billing.

The ES cell scientist performs ES cell culture including growth and maintenance of mouse ES cells, transfections, selections, isolation, expansion and karyotype analysis of ES cell clones. In addition this scientist has isolated the cores own novel ES cell lines.

The microinjectionist performs the animal husbandry, embryo microinjections, and mouse surgeries necessary to generate genetically modified mouse lines.

All three team members are available to train investigators in various aspects of the procedures required to generate genetically modified mice upon request.