Fee Structure for the Microscopy and Image Analysis Components


IDDRC independent user

IDDRC assisted user

Non-IDDRC independent user

Non-IDDRC assisted user

LSM 710 MPE/Confocal (weekdays 8am - 7pm) $40/hr $60/hr $60/hr $80/hr
off peak $30/hr   $60/hr  
LSM 700 Confocal (weekdays 8am - 7pm) $40/hr $60/hr $60/hr $80/hr
off peak $30/hr   $60/hr  
Ultraview Vox Spinning Disk Confocal $20/hr $40/hr $30/hr $50/hr
for sessions lasting 10-24 hrs $10/hr   $15/hr  
for sessions lasting longer than 24 hrs $5/hr   $5/hr  
Nikon Ti Eclipse inverted microscope $10/hr   $15/hr  
Nikon 80i and Nikon E800 $5/hr   $8/hr  
Array Tomography Imaging System $5/hr   $8/hr  
MPE-RS Multiphoton $60/hr      
Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator $10/hr   $15/hr  
Imaris and Volocity Image Analysis Workstations $4/hr   $6/hr