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DDRC Web PortalDDRCPortal

The DDRC web portal is sponsored by the NICHD and contains public information as well as a private, password-protected area that is restricted to DDRC members. highlights of this site include:

  • a searchable Directory of all DDRCs and members
  • interactive modules for news and events
  • Libraries to store and share documents and a document management system for collaboration on research, proposals and publications
  • Discussion boards
  • Private sub-portals for self-organizing research sub-networks to form virtual work groups

New members of the Center need to log in for the first time as follows:

  • URL:
  • Login: enter first initial of you first name and lastname (e.g., jsmith)
  • leave the password field blank
  • Click Submit
  • Next screen will prompt you to create a password
  • Create and confirm password and click Submit

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